Off to italy, this time we went to Venice and just 20 min north the Nasty Boys Saloon owner Diego, hosts a awesome rockabilly event. Big names like the Hi.Winders, Nico Duportal and many many many more have visited his saloon in the middle of a industy area.

The mood is layed back and people are very friendly. We arrived in the afternoon friday and was picked up by Helene, who would bring us to the venue. 

What a sight, a hangar type building remodeled to host a awesome big bar and resturant. With a tattoo lounge in the back and a motorcycle shop, lots of room for app 500+ people.

First band was "The Doel Brothers" from UK, awesome guyes and great concert. Next up was Don Cavelli, unfortunally he ran in to some technical problems, but start of the set went very well.

We where last and got a great welcome from the crowd. Thanks a lot to all from Nasty Boys Saloon + Everyone who turned up to participate in the shows.