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Good Rockin Tonight Preparty in Péronnas.

Good Rockin Tonight Preparty in Péronnas.

Friday afternoon we packed packed our stuff, and headed to the airport. Its our first international gig, Invited by Blue Monday to play at thair pre party in Péronnas next to Lyon in France. 

After a smooth flight and safe arrival in Geneva we where picked up by a very big hearted rockabilly globetrotter who guided us to his car/home, a great mobilehome where wile driving we where served french sausage and fresh bred with local beer! FRANCE IS AWESOME! 

At breakfest at the hotel we had time to meet two of the bands playing at the venue. The wonderful and down to earth The Hot House 4, a family from england playing western swing, skiffle kinda music with all of them playing multiple instruments. Lola Gaskin Briggs Dan Morley Willy Briggs Lisa Briggs all great musicians and even better people! Thanks for a great time! 

We also had the great plesure to drink our morning coffee with the great guyes from Shorty Jetson and Band, Omar on the drums (crazy jazz beats) Benny on guitar and Shorty on vocals and Mexicano guitar, sporting some of the best showmanship we have seen to date! 

After chilling in the sun for a couple hours, swapping stories and having a great time it was time to go to the soundcheck. 



The venue fits a little more than 500 people and is located in the city of Péronnas a small town in around 50km south of Lyon. The folks of blue monday too good care of us ;o)

All bands soundchecked and we where ready to rumble, it was expected there was going to be around 300 people attending the pre festival. Numbers later showed we where closer to 500. 

Before we went on stage the awesome DJroadking spinned our 7" holy s.... we had no idea folks dance to our song!

More pictures here

Towards the end of our set DJroadking Yian son joined us on stage and started dancing, great dj, great dancer, i think there are great things to come for this young guy! 

Thanks to all the great folks at the show, both the bands and the great audience, who gave us more atttention that we had dreamed about!

In the morning we got spend another good breakfest with the great people of blue monday, and DJroadking + Bobbin imanol! 

We had a great party in France we hope to come back one day and rock your socks off! We are so ready for more france, now we look forward to our next gigs out there!