Review by blues magazine (nl)

Review by blues magazine (nl)

Text: Rick Kanselaar


That there is much beauty and good in Denmark should be no surprise musically, and also in the field of rockabilly there is much to enjoy with this debut -cd The Ramblin Bandits entitled 'On A Hill. A band that just a year exists but immediately releases his business card with this album. 3 Vikings with a penchant for raw rockabilly put their heads together and decided to join forces experienced at The Ramblin Bandits. And that proved more than a good decision. Fast, honest and hard and where the energy of splash off the sweat of the brow of a longshoreman.

Opener Why Why Why is immediately hit and that gives energetic feeling good again. The starting point is rockabilly but these bandits also make good use of surf, blues, garage and other related items. And in a completely unique mix of self-penned songs. In all the songs, the rhythm section is the driving force, with basic killer drums and of course the beautiful sound of the upright bass. The guitar sound of the gretsch is crisp and clear, and certainly one of the strengths of The Ramblin Bandits, listen in this case but to Rock and Bop Bop Bankrobber Joe and you're sold.

Knock Knock opens with slaps on the bass and then to prosecute road in good pace, even if one of the many highlights of the album. This band simply has the makings to be a big name in the genre. Bookings for the next time the band has been in for festivals and gigs both at home and abroad. Shoot Shoot resembles a song by Johnny Cash but The Ramblin Bandits know to give them their own up-tempo twist and this number will also certainly a feet-on-the-floor killer will be during live performances.

Dirty talk is a personal favorite with his lovely guitar and rock 'n roll attitude and so arrive at the last songs of the album is striking that the level remains high. Valve Bahama Mama, and here comes again the throttle full on, a magnificent song where everything comes together, the rawness, originality and above all fun. With this album The Ramblin Bandits have a blast of a plate, perfect for oily wild parties. Soon let come to the Netherlands!

Interview with The Ramblin Bandits

Interview with The Ramblin Bandits

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What inspires you? Most of our songs is about situations, people, or things that happened in our lives. We often talk about things that ends up in a song. We also get lots of inspiration from the old rockers.

How often and where do you reherse? We rehears about once a week, if we are playing shows, over summer and vacation times we take some time off. We rehears and record in Michaels basement where we have all our gir and setup. We experiement a lot with sound and the placement of our instruments and settings.

How have you developed since you started with the music?

We have undergone quite some transformation, when we met in the last months of 2015 we did not have any songs or a clear direction for our music and we

wanted to explorer what it would sound like when we started playing together. We knew we wanted our own sound and we wanted it to be a bit rough, When we started writing songs

it became more obvious that we had some god synergies. Learning to play and write music together is the biggest learning so far.

Do you have other interests of work outside the band? We all have hobbies outside music, André rides his Harley and Michael likes fixing old motors (boats and mopeds) Lasse is into graphics and design. All of us work fulltime so the music is our main hobby.

Are you looking for a booking agency, and what are your thoughts around that? We currently handle our bookings ourselves also the international gigs, but someday we might get to a place where we need some help.

Are you looking for a label, and what are your thoughts around that? We got signed on Rhythmbomb Records in Berlin in June 2016 just a couple months after we finished our DEMO. Rhythmbomb is a great label within Rhythm and Blues and Roots music, we are very proud to be part of thair lineup.

What are your songs about? Everything and Nothing, Gambler Man Blues is about spending all your money on stupid stuff, Talk dirty is about SM, Going places is about leaving to find something better but not knowing where you are going and i could continue like that, but in short just stuff and thoughts we have some deeper than others.

Who does the composing and writes the lyrics? André and Lasse writes most of the lyrics we are all composing the music, we have a very free and open tone and discussion when we make music so we all contribute.

Do you start with the music or the lyrics? In most cases we make small videos with a riff or a lyric or both and send it to each other, we then meet and discuss and develop the ideas together.


Review By Rockin-And-Rollin Magazine

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The Danish trio »The Ramblin Bandits«, which was founded in the beginning of 2016, quickly gained a fan base in Denmark and Germany with its sound.

No wonder who has experienced them live knows why. Full of power, energy and unique, memorable sound, they quickly bring the room to the boil and no one can sit still on his chair. Wild Garage Rockabilly, Motorbilly with a touch of dirty blues and 60s sound. - these are »The Ramblin Bandits«.

My expectations for her first album, which appeared shortly before, were correspondingly high. The album "On A Hill" comes with 13 songs, which are all self-compositions. 13 songs that show the diversity of the "Ramblin Bandits" and yet close to the energy of their live performances.

Hammersons like "Bahama Mamma", "Ghetto Blash", "Painkiller" or "On A Hill" hit my nerves. Rocky guitar with hot riffs, in combination with the bass, drums and the voice of the bassist and singer Lasse Eriksen give a gritty, memorable sound and simply pull along. In my opinion, a title is not quite successful, or does not fit into the album correctly: »Wasted Time«. It seems to me a little out of place, with this otherwise very first-rate very rocking album.

What is not to be seen negatively, it is good, but from my point of view it simply does not fit into the concept of this album. But this song is only a little bit of my very positive impression, especially since it is also taste.

Conclusion. "On A Hill" is a grandiose and rocky debut album of the "Ramblin Bandits", which is fun, pulling and hope for some more albums of the trio!

Review by Chris Weidler

Review By Rootstime

Review By Rootstime

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In the course of the expiring year found drummer Michael Skandov, singer / bassist Lasse Eriksen and guitarist André Preuthun (Wild Wax Combo) gezamleijke each other in their love for Red Hot-, modern-, Raw Rockabilly and Motor Billy. Whether it's all the same, or whatever you call it or mention, does not matter. This Danish musicians know about where they are and how to play it.

'On A Hil' is the debut album by the trio and with titles like "Talk Dirty", "Bankrobber Joe", "Going Places" or "Knock Knock" they prove that there is here targeted high. Rhythmic simple driving songs a hoarse Gretsch guitar and a touch of psychobilly, surf and garage flair and the harsh vocals of the heavily bearded bassist Lasse Eriksen guarantee a successful rockabilly mix, constantly calling for a wild dance.

'On A Hill "by The Ramblin Bandits is a" Top Recommendation "for fans of Red Hot-, modern-, Raw Rockabilly and Motor Billy or bands like The Number 9 Black Tops aka" the best lookin' rockabilly band in all of Franklin County, Illinois "(We write songs about cars, motorcycles, and pretty girls. We then drive great distances in a Ford to sing you songs thesis in person, at your local dive bar ...), Twisted Rod (red hot rockabilly from Prague) or the Backseat Boogie (a Rockabilly combo Milan) ...

Rockabilly also with us? Which is of course too. To mention a few as Walter Broes & The Mercenaries (ex Seatsniffers), Mighty 8th Trio, Deuces Wild, Rockin '& Drinkin' Guys, The Baboons ... Where to see it? Monster Mach Yellow (21/01/2017), Rockabilly Day Belgium, Rockin 'Around Turnhout (15/04/2017) ... Consult our website regularly!

All of this for rockers of all stripes with or without greasy combs, folded jeans pipes, petticoats and more '40s,' 50s and '60s related goodies!

Eric Schuurmans

Review Debut Album - On A Hill

Review Debut Album - On A Hill

What is special about the The Ramblin´Bandits are, that they do not sound as if they come out of a time machine but more like “back to the future”
— Per "Rock" Mogensen


THE RAMBLIN´ BANDITS - How does ROCK-A-BILLY sounds in 2016? Well, as a lot of bands try to recreate the sound of past time with a hell of energy, other bands do the opposite and take the past into the present and makes it sound "fresh and almost innovative".

I love the 50´s sound, as well as I love when it succeed to recreate the old feeling and sound, but for me personally, I sometimes find it hard to find joy with bands that lack originality, and this way, I have begun to love the new bands, that are merging the best from different period of times such as Nikki Hill, JD Mcpherson to mention a few.

Now, take Chuck Berry, Johnny Burnette, Johnny Cash and list goes on...licks from some of their hey days in the 50s and some familiar songs like "Brand New Cadillac" & "Rock and Roll Music". These aforementioned people and their music are the inspiration for those 3 geezers in The Ramblin´ Bandits. They have been practicing for only a year and they already got contacts for festivals around the world.

That is something special, and, for a Danish band, within the genre of 50´s music, as there is so many great bands out there that really are good and magnificent. What is special about the The Ramblin´Bandits are, that they do not sound as if they come out of a time machine but more like "back to the future" and the future is what is ahead for them. They are fresh in the sound and attitude and it shows all over, that the love what they are doing. Some might simply call it ROCK with a "billy" attitude.

This is the first time in long where I felt like "I wanna Bop"- their infectious beat goes straight into ones body and it wont let go. They have a raw, almost savage sound but with solid rhythm and almost recognisable sound, as you sometimes may be thinking "I might have heard that one before...or what song does that come from" etc...but, dear reader of this, all their songs are original.

The drummer, Michael Skandov, is a hard to edge beating "animal" on the drums. He shows "less is more" in his way of playing. The Bass Player, Lasse Eriksen, who is the lead singer, handle the bass with glory to "slap the bass" ideology. André Preuthon is for sure one of the best guitarist within the genre, they are playing. He shines and plays like thunder. Their debut Cd is a winner and a killer. If you a collector of 45 rpm vinyl - they have few ones left (never to be re-released again) LOOK OUT IN A TOWN NEAR YOU.

Per "Rock" dance teacher in jive jitterbug & Swing Dance


Album On a Hill - Review By Slam

Album On a Hill - Review By Slam

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No one can accuse The Ramblin Bandits of pussy footing around.

These cats seem to have come screaming out of nowhere real fast ,hell this trio hasn't been around a year yet and they have done a demo ,signed withRhythm Bomb Records,put out a single and have an album dropping .This outfit is loaded with pedigree and delivers some seriouskiller rockabilly. The band's debut album " On A Hill " is one smokin' hot platter of 13 hip shaking tracks of rockabilly/rock n roll. Right from the start this puppy hits the gas and and doesn't let up.This ishungry rockabilly that has a sense of urgency about it.Highlights include: " Bank Robber Joe", "Talk Dirty", " Getto Bash" and "Why Why Why". 
       There isn't a bad track to be found here and "On A Hill" is more that just a stout debut .This is flat out good and a must have. The Ramblin Bandits have delivered a knock out punch here and when you get up your going to hit the repeat button.Highly Recommended!!   

Concert Review 20Flight Rock Hamburg - Rockin & Rollin Magazine

Concert Review 20Flight Rock Hamburg - Rockin & Rollin Magazine

On 17 September it was so far and it was called spontaneously to Hamburg. I followed the invitation of Ralph Braband (Rhythm Bomb Records) and went with him to Hamburg.

We wanted to watch the "Ramblin Bandits", which he had under his label and who were playing in the "20 Flight Rock" that evening.

Having arrived in Hamburg, we went to the "boom-chicka-boom" for a short detour. A visit to Michy and his shop "Boom-Chicka-Boom" is absolutely worth it.

The selection is good and especially for the women a good selection of dresses, petticoats and accessories is available, but the men are not too short. Especially Michy's own t-shirt collection had done to me personally.


After a little chat and cups of coffee, we went on to the »20 Flight Rock«, where we were warmly welcomed by Andy.

The "20 Flight Rock" is a small shop on the edge of Hans-Albers-Platz near the Reeperbahn in Hamburg. The store had immediately caught me with its very special charm, and I am sure I had not been to the last time in the »20 Flight Rock«. At the same time the band "Ramblin Bandits" also met, and after a short greeting we immediately made the arrangement and sound check.

The "Ramblin Bandits" are still a very unknown trio from Denmark, but they did not get together till the beginning of 2016. I was naturally curious about their sound and style. The soundcheck was very convincing.

After the soundcheck, Lasse, Andre and Michael had time and they talked a bit. All three guys are confessed musicians and can look back on many years of Rockabilly music history. Andre was a guitarist for the "Wild Wax Combo"  for 15 years. Lasse had previously been bassist for "Basetones" for five years, and Michael has 20 years of experience as a drummer, most recently with the Basetones. They went to the upcoming gig, professionally, easily and confidently. It was nice to know, however, that they had not only covers, but already had a large repertoire of their own songs.

In order to bridge the time for the party, a nearby kebab was tested. Afterwards, the "20 Flight Rock" was filled, and the boys were playing.


Boldly the decision of the band in the first set purely their own plays to play and only in the second set to bring some well-known "Mitreißer". But it was the right decision, because the three Danes were able to win the audience from the very first beat, and the store was rocking and celebrating. A Hammersong followed the next, and the Ramblin Bandits had not promised too much, their wild and intense sound went right over their ears.

After a short breather, the second set with some Coversongs, next to their own songs, came, the audience was no longer to be held and you could see how the band and the audience harmoniously harmonized and together gave everything. Two things I know now, the Hamburg Rockabillys can celebrate and of the »Ramblin Bandits« you will soon hear and see more! I am already very excited about their CD, which will be released in late October.

Videos of the concert can be found in our YouTube channel: rockin and rollin YouTube

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