Text: Rick Kanselaar


That there is much beauty and good in Denmark should be no surprise musically, and also in the field of rockabilly there is much to enjoy with this debut -cd The Ramblin Bandits entitled 'On A Hill. A band that just a year exists but immediately releases his business card with this album. 3 Vikings with a penchant for raw rockabilly put their heads together and decided to join forces experienced at The Ramblin Bandits. And that proved more than a good decision. Fast, honest and hard and where the energy of splash off the sweat of the brow of a longshoreman.

Opener Why Why Why is immediately hit and that gives energetic feeling good again. The starting point is rockabilly but these bandits also make good use of surf, blues, garage and other related items. And in a completely unique mix of self-penned songs. In all the songs, the rhythm section is the driving force, with basic killer drums and of course the beautiful sound of the upright bass. The guitar sound of the gretsch is crisp and clear, and certainly one of the strengths of The Ramblin Bandits, listen in this case but to Rock and Bop Bop Bankrobber Joe and you're sold.

Knock Knock opens with slaps on the bass and then to prosecute road in good pace, even if one of the many highlights of the album. This band simply has the makings to be a big name in the genre. Bookings for the next time the band has been in for festivals and gigs both at home and abroad. Shoot Shoot resembles a song by Johnny Cash but The Ramblin Bandits know to give them their own up-tempo twist and this number will also certainly a feet-on-the-floor killer will be during live performances.

Dirty talk is a personal favorite with his lovely guitar and rock 'n roll attitude and so arrive at the last songs of the album is striking that the level remains high. Valve Bahama Mama, and here comes again the throttle full on, a magnificent song where everything comes together, the rawness, originality and above all fun. With this album The Ramblin Bandits have a blast of a plate, perfect for oily wild parties. Soon let come to the Netherlands!