On 17 September it was so far and it was called spontaneously to Hamburg. I followed the invitation of Ralph Braband (Rhythm Bomb Records) and went with him to Hamburg.

We wanted to watch the "Ramblin Bandits", which he had under his label and who were playing in the "20 Flight Rock" that evening.

Having arrived in Hamburg, we went to the "boom-chicka-boom" for a short detour. A visit to Michy and his shop "Boom-Chicka-Boom" is absolutely worth it.

The selection is good and especially for the women a good selection of dresses, petticoats and accessories is available, but the men are not too short. Especially Michy's own t-shirt collection had done to me personally.


After a little chat and cups of coffee, we went on to the »20 Flight Rock«, where we were warmly welcomed by Andy.

The "20 Flight Rock" is a small shop on the edge of Hans-Albers-Platz near the Reeperbahn in Hamburg. The store had immediately caught me with its very special charm, and I am sure I had not been to the last time in the »20 Flight Rock«. At the same time the band "Ramblin Bandits" also met, and after a short greeting we immediately made the arrangement and sound check.

The "Ramblin Bandits" are still a very unknown trio from Denmark, but they did not get together till the beginning of 2016. I was naturally curious about their sound and style. The soundcheck was very convincing.

After the soundcheck, Lasse, Andre and Michael had time and they talked a bit. All three guys are confessed musicians and can look back on many years of Rockabilly music history. Andre was a guitarist for the "Wild Wax Combo"  for 15 years. Lasse had previously been bassist for "Basetones" for five years, and Michael has 20 years of experience as a drummer, most recently with the Basetones. They went to the upcoming gig, professionally, easily and confidently. It was nice to know, however, that they had not only covers, but already had a large repertoire of their own songs.

In order to bridge the time for the party, a nearby kebab was tested. Afterwards, the "20 Flight Rock" was filled, and the boys were playing.


Boldly the decision of the band in the first set purely their own plays to play and only in the second set to bring some well-known "Mitreißer". But it was the right decision, because the three Danes were able to win the audience from the very first beat, and the store was rocking and celebrating. A Hammersong followed the next, and the Ramblin Bandits had not promised too much, their wild and intense sound went right over their ears.

After a short breather, the second set with some Coversongs, next to their own songs, came, the audience was no longer to be held and you could see how the band and the audience harmoniously harmonized and together gave everything. Two things I know now, the Hamburg Rockabillys can celebrate and of the »Ramblin Bandits« you will soon hear and see more! I am already very excited about their CD, which will be released in late October.

Videos of the concert can be found in our YouTube channel: rockin and rollin YouTube

Chris Weidler's concert review