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Review Debut Album - On A Hill

Review Debut Album - On A Hill

What is special about the The Ramblin´Bandits are, that they do not sound as if they come out of a time machine but more like “back to the future”
— Per "Rock" Mogensen


THE RAMBLIN´ BANDITS - How does ROCK-A-BILLY sounds in 2016? Well, as a lot of bands try to recreate the sound of past time with a hell of energy, other bands do the opposite and take the past into the present and makes it sound "fresh and almost innovative".

I love the 50´s sound, as well as I love when it succeed to recreate the old feeling and sound, but for me personally, I sometimes find it hard to find joy with bands that lack originality, and this way, I have begun to love the new bands, that are merging the best from different period of times such as Nikki Hill, JD Mcpherson to mention a few.

Now, take Chuck Berry, Johnny Burnette, Johnny Cash and list goes on...licks from some of their hey days in the 50s and some familiar songs like "Brand New Cadillac" & "Rock and Roll Music". These aforementioned people and their music are the inspiration for those 3 geezers in The Ramblin´ Bandits. They have been practicing for only a year and they already got contacts for festivals around the world.

That is something special, and, for a Danish band, within the genre of 50´s music, as there is so many great bands out there that really are good and magnificent. What is special about the The Ramblin´Bandits are, that they do not sound as if they come out of a time machine but more like "back to the future" and the future is what is ahead for them. They are fresh in the sound and attitude and it shows all over, that the love what they are doing. Some might simply call it ROCK with a "billy" attitude.

This is the first time in long where I felt like "I wanna Bop"- their infectious beat goes straight into ones body and it wont let go. They have a raw, almost savage sound but with solid rhythm and almost recognisable sound, as you sometimes may be thinking "I might have heard that one before...or what song does that come from" etc...but, dear reader of this, all their songs are original.

The drummer, Michael Skandov, is a hard to edge beating "animal" on the drums. He shows "less is more" in his way of playing. The Bass Player, Lasse Eriksen, who is the lead singer, handle the bass with glory to "slap the bass" ideology. André Preuthon is for sure one of the best guitarist within the genre, they are playing. He shines and plays like thunder. Their debut Cd is a winner and a killer. If you a collector of 45 rpm vinyl - they have few ones left (never to be re-released again) LOOK OUT IN A TOWN NEAR YOU.

Per "Rock" dance teacher in jive jitterbug & Swing Dance